Why Greece tours? Because Greece is a place like no other. It is a place that touches the heart and the soul — a world of ancient beauty and enchantment — a feast for the senses — a place that inspires and subtly changes you.

Greece is miracle of brilliant blue skies and an even bluer Aegean sea; of ancient sun-bleached temples, marble statues, amphitheaters, and sacred oracles; of sun-drenched islands and sparkling white beaches; of bustling markets and seafood tavernas; of awe-inspiring seascapes and stunning panoramas; of fresh, delicious food and passionate, fun-loving people.

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Our next tour will be beautiful,
magical Greece on a 10 day journey.
It starts on September 27 2019

Athens , Aegina Island
Cape Sounion,
Delphi, Olympia
Epidaurus, Mycenae

Why Greece

The Light
the land
the sea
the heritage
the people
the way of life
the spirit

temple picture greece

It is here that the first great minds of Western civilization laid down the foundations of justice, art, and democracy by which we still live. Ideals of excellence and beauty that were so life-affirming that they resonate with us thousands of years later.

Everywhere you look, you know that something miraculous happened here. You can experience it not only in the glorious traces of the past — in the temples and statues, the theaters and pottery — but in the delights of the vibrant present — in the landscapes, the lifestyles, and in the warm, welcome of the Greeks, descendants of Zeus Xenios, the protector of guests. 


Immerse yourself in the miracle and mystery of Greece.

Join our ancient art Greece tours of small groups of no more than 12 people, dedicated to exploring the history, art, beauty, and nature of this luminous land.

On exquisite 10-days tours, discover the most astonishing treasures of the ancient Greek world while enjoying the incomparable hospitality, culinary adventures, and delights of the present day.

Where to travel in Greece?

With the authentic personalized tours, you can deeply drink in the essence of Greece.

Our 10-day tours include visits to all the most important sites, as well as admissions, hotels, and all transportation. You will be accompanied by your attentive hostess throughout, along with a cadre of expert, hand-picked English-speaking guides at each destination to make sure that your journey is illuminating as well as enjoyable.

We’ll explore Athens, of course, with the noble Parthenon — glorious marble temple to Athena — the legendary Acropolis, and the cutting-edge Acropolis Museum. We’ll also visit the light-filled island of Aegina and the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion. We’ll discover the mystical Peloponnesian sites – ancient Mycenae and the wonderful theater of Epidaurus; sacred Delphi, home of the oracle; and majestic Olympia, where the Olympic flame was first lit.

We will stop along the way to taste the fabulous local cuisine in charming restaurants and tavernas chosen especially by our team and share some delightful picnics in picturesque places. There will be lots of free time, too, so that you can commune with the wonders of Greece on your own and pause to refresh and nourish your soul.

Natasha McGovern

Travel Director

I was trained as a designer and, on my and first visit to Greece I fell in love with it, falling more deeply in love with each visit. I was so touched and inspired by the miracle of Greece that I felt the call to share that experience with others. And out of that passion our vivacious little company was born.
“Miracle of Greece Tours” team organizes small group tours to Greece for people looking for a personal and authentic immersion into the essence of Greece.  With the highest quality of service and attentiveness to all your needs, on our 10-day tours, we take the time to thoughtfully explore the most important sites of the ancient world. But we will go at a leisurely pace so you have ample time to experience the landscapes, the people, the food, and the lifestyle, and to soak it all in.

Our intimate, small-group tours are designed to be illuminating and inspiring, but also peaceful and healing — a precious refuge from an overwhelming world.

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